Fixing code and documentation, setting up CI - Sending Pull-Requests by Gabor Szabo
Contributing to an open source Perl project and to the documentation of another project.
Open Source Development Course for Perl developers - 2023.01 by Simon Windsor
Just started this exciting online Introduction to GitHub course.
US government agencies' opensource projects by Chenhui Niu
1st OSDC pull request I have been interested in the US government opensource activities...
Open Source Development Course for Perl developers. by Steve Rogerson
I've just started the course on open source development given by @szabgab. I'm really hoping to get a...
Just started the OSDC course by Darren Harwood
So, yesterday a few of us started the 13 week course with @szabgab i think we've all used GitHub...
Open Source Development Courses by Gabor Szabo
Participating in Open source projects might be one of the best ways to gain practice and enhance your chances to find employment.