List of projects by members of the community that are explicitly supported via the community chat server. See also the generic list of Open Source projects and how to find one for yourself to contribute to.

There are projects in several programming languages. Most need help with UI/UX. Some don’t need knowledge in any programming language.

The Diggers

Collecting information about 3rd-party packages. (Meta data, Continuous Integration, tests, etc.)

Each one is written in its own programming language.

In the planning phase are

The slides

The source of all the slides can be found on GitHub. The code that generates the HTML pages from the slides is also on GitHub (written in Python). There are tons of things that need to be improved in the content of the slides and I many in the presentation and in general the generation of HTML pages.

Kantoniko - Ladino (Python, Bulma, JQuery)

Kantoniko is a project to help maintain and teach the Ladino language. (Also known as Judeo-Espanyol). It is divided into several repositories, but everything can be found on GitHub.

Here you can find all the open issues, but I am sure there are many other things that can and should be done that are not listed there.

OSDC Code-Maven (Python, Bulma, JQuery)

The OSDC Code-Maven organization on GitHub contains the source code of this web site, and the code that generates all the instances.

This is the page that lists all the open issues in this organization.

Including the list of open source projects by organizations:

List of Open Source by organizations (Python, Bulma, JQuery)

The list of Open Source projects by organizations is a sub-page of the OSDC-web site, but it has its own repository. One does not need any programming knowledge to add more entries to our database, but there are also plenty of development and design tasks.

Code-Maven and PerlMaven web sites (Perl)

The source of the content of the Code-Maven web site is here.

The source of the content of the PerlMaven web site is here

The code that generates the web site is written in Perl and can be found here.

Other projects by active members of the community

There are many other projects in the GitHub account of Gabor Szabo. Check those out. Some of them might be interesting to you.

A bunch of those are examples for GitHub Actions.